I SPEAK FOR THE TREES : Climate justice campaigner decides to fight for the trees

By Regreen lover
Fact checked by T. Chikutsa

Some time this Year a picture which is truly worth a thousand words made circles on social media prompting The regreen lover team to find out the story behind this breathe-taking picture by one Mr Dwight Chiwenga.

Regreen lover had the following interview with Mr Dwight Chiwenga.

Regreenlover:Can you tell us a bit about yourself?

D Chiwenga : I’m a pro climate justice Campaigner and SDG13 Advocate, advocate of the marginalized and a philanthropist by passion aiming to reach the top because the bottom is overcrowded.

Regreenlover:What was the event when that picture was taken?

D Chiwenga: Unfortunately it wasn’t an event, anything to do with doing justice to the climate is like medicine to my worries.This picture was captured as part of my edutainment Facebook challenge which left many people eager to know of whats really transpiring,what exactly about trees, importance of trees etc quite a number of young people local and abroad fell in love with my boldness in standing firm for what I believe in.

Regreenlover: What made you decide you want to speak on behalf of the trees?

D Chiwenga: More of deforestation is happening for domestic, economic and agricultural purposes and less afforestation/reforestation is being witnessed. This only has a huge impact on Climate change.SDG13 requires a multi-sectoral approach in taking urgent action to combat climate change. As a young leader I believe in taking action by leading from the front and leading by example.

Achieving other goals will be very difficult if we do not take urgent action eg poverty, hunger, access to water, health, gender equality and the empowerment of women and girls among others.

Regreenlover :According to you, how are trees important?

D Chiwenga : From the onset, trees play a pivotal role to humans, animals and the environment on its own.Deforestation/cutting down of trees causes changes in forests, their ecological functions and the ecosystems. To animals and micro organisms, trees act as shelter and food. To people, trees can be used for domestic , economic and agricultural purposes only to mention a few.

Regreenlover:Finally, any advice /encouragement to all people around the world?

Yes, climate change is real and like mentioned earlier it requires a collective and urgent action. For us to succeed, all sectors ie agriculture, transport, industry, communities and government have to make contributions to the good cause. Winning the battle is a success to everyone. To civil society organizations with resources I suggest they support initiatives with positive impacts without considering much of political affiliations, religion, gender and associates but focus much on how clear the activities are also ensuring that no one is left behind.

The value of a single tree

While a lot of people are slowly starting to embrace the initiative to regreen earth by planting trees, it is important that all regreen lovers know the value of every single tree they plant and realise that it is worth it.

Listed below are some facts on single trees.

Humans breathe in oxygen and and a single tree creates 700kg of oxygen per annum.

Trees act as carbon sequesters and a single tree absorbs 20 tonnes of carbon dioxide per year .

Trees help purify the air that is a single tree purifies around 100,000 m^2 of polluted air each years and in the same process they absorb 20 kg of dust.

Trees also protect the soil by binding soil particles together but most importantly they soak up toxic metals from the soil that is a single tree can swallow up 80 kg of toxic metals such as mercury,lithium and lead annually.

Modification of temperatures is of the significant roles played by trees- a single tree in the summer helps reduce temperature by up to 4 degrees .

Wildlife habitat creation is another importance of trees – a single tree can serve as a home for dozens of birds.

Every single tree planted is worth it so lets continue to plant trees and regreen our planet.

Nb: Facts sourced from www.moag.gov.il

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